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JZZK Switchgear Intelligent Control Device

2018-03-29 15:56


JZZK series switchgear intelligent control device is a new generation of intelligent high-tech switchgear control patented products developed and manufactured by Anhui Jingzhuo Electric Technology Co., Ltd. The device is a new type of multifunctional, intelligent, dynamic simulation of automatic display, control, alarm, and locking device. A set of simulation diagram shows that circuit breaker points / closing control and instructions, spring energy storage control and instructions, handcart location instructions, earth switch position instructions, high-voltage live instructions and lock control, ambient temperature and humidity display and control, human body sensing and voice Anti-mistake tips and other functions in one device.

The product uses microcomputer technology to collect, analyze, control dehumidification heating and control fan cooling of the various components in the switchgear. The device can be equipped with RS485 communication interface to realize remote communication and automatic management. With excellent environmental resistance and electromagnetic compatibility, reliable work, flexible configuration, easy operation, intuitive display, rich information and clear man-machine interface is the best user choice. Using integrated device layout, applied to 400V~35kV indoor switchgear. Real time online temperature monitoring of high-voltage equipment is the most effective and simplest method to detect security risks in advance.

Functional Characteristics

Primary dynamic mode display

According to the user’s wiring diagram, the breakpoint part (such as circuit breaker, handcart location, grounding switch, energy storage, etc.) is displayed with dynamic light emitting module. It constitutes real-time dynamic indication, thus giving operators richer, more intuitive and more accurate status information, display content as follows:

1. Working position display

2. Test location display

3. Circuit breaker opening display

4. Circuit breaker closing display

5. Pre-opening pre-closing flashing instruction

6. Energy storage display

7. Grounding knife display

8. Anti-false alarm display

Voice prompt

1. When the circuit breaker is located between the test position and the working position and the circuit breaker is in the state of closing, there is "please break the circuit breaker" voice prompt. It is suggested that the operator should be forced to push the handcart to the working position by mistake when the breaker is in the state of closing.

2. When the circuit breaker is located between the test position and the working position or at the working position, if the grounding switch is mistakenly forced to close, there is "Please tap the grounding switch" voice prompt. It prevents the operator from closing the grounding switch mistakenly.

3. When the above two errors occur simultaneously, there are "please break the circuit breaker, please tap the grounding switch" voice prompts.

4. When the main circuit of the cabinet sends electricity, some one in front of the cabinet, the voice prompt "the main circuit of the cabinet is charged" (the product with the human body inductive probe has this function).

Temperature and humidity control loop

1. The temperature and humidity digital display show that the status of the cabinet at a glance.

2. Using imported digital temperature and humidity sensor module, high precision (temperature±0.01, humidity±I%RH), fast response (0.5S), wide range (temperature –40 ~ 124, humidity 0~100%RH), etc..

3. Has cooling circuit, improve the loop load capacity. 

High-voltage live display section

1. LED starter voltage (kV): rated phase voltage × 0.15-0.65.

2. Lock control voltage (kV): rated phase voltage × 0.65.

3. When the live display is in the state of no electricity, the lock can be lifted. After the release, the lock indicator is right.

Closing function

   Display device can be set closing, sub-gate button (or switch) and energy storage button, remote / local changeover switch, lighting switch.

Human body inductive probe

When someone or animal stay in front of the cabinet, the device automatically starts cabinet lighting, voice prompts. When the person or animal leaves, the alarm is relieved.

Busbar temperature

Device for measuring temperature of busbar through wireless probe, can accurately measure the busbar surface temperature to achieve real-time monitoring busbar status.

Communication function

RS485 interface, MODBUS communication protocol.

Product Features

Intelligent products

Using microcomputer control, compared with the conventional switch display device adds intelligent features, the interface is more intuitive, and the operation is more convenient.

Anti-interference ability

With unique anti-interference technology, the anti-interference ability of the product is enhanced.

High reliability

Industrial grade components, with reliability, long life, high anti-interference ability and so on.

Technical Parameters

Working power supply: AC/DC 220V

Ambient temperature: -20~75

Relative humidity: ≤95%RH

Dielectric strength: ≥AC2000V

Altitude: ≤2000m

Demonstration of the Type

Example of model: JZZK-9300-9-A

"Intelligent control device for selector switch" ZZK-9300 basic function + 9pcs

wireless temperature probes, and select RS485 communication function at the same time.

Hole Size Diagram


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