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Intelligent Low-voltage Motor Comprehensive Security Protection Device JZMB

2018-04-09 17:23

Product Overview

JZMB-6100 series Intelligent motor protection control device is mainly used for low-voltage motor control system below 690V, the damage caused by overload, short circuit, ultra-long time to start, locked rotor, imbalance, grounding, undervoltage, overvoltage, technology interlocking and other faults of motor are protected and a comprehensive collection of three-phase electricity measurement / display, digital input / output and network communications in one. Each device has a variety of integrated power parameter measurement functions, either alone as the electrical measuring instrument can also be used as the front end of integrated power automation monitoring system, can achieve measurement, monitoring, protection, control and other integrated functions through the isolation barrier analog output port and DCS system for easy access. Through its standard RS-485 communication interface and twisted-pair network communication with the monitoring system, we can easily realize data remote management and "four remote" function.

Product Model and Application Scope

Product model                                 

Product model                        

JZMB-6100: comprehensive motor protection monitoring and control device

Comprehensive protection of important motor

SCT selection

SCT model

Motor rated current

SCT model

Motor rated current


5A and below


150A and below


10A and below


200A and below


30A and below


300A and below


100A and below


400A and below

Main Feature 

JZMB-6100 series intelligent motor protection control device is designed for low-voltage motor control system, ultra-small size for GCK, GCS, GGD, MNS and other withdrawable (including 1/ 4 drawer cabinet type), fixed and mixed of the cabinet installation. It has many advantages, such as convenient installation, reasonable layout, and convenient maintenance, saving cable, safety and reliability and so on.

Full use of embedded SOC (System On Chip) design, 32-bit DSP (DigitaI Signal Processing) and redundant fieldbus technology, AC sampling using optimized full-wave FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) technology, software adopts modularization, high anti-interference design.

Device power, communication status, motor running status and the alarm all have LED instructions to facilitate the detection and maintenance of the system.

With up to 4 ways input acquisition, and 3 ways output control.

With a variety of protection functions, such as short circuit protection, definite time limit, inverse time protection, locked rotor, ultra-long startup time, imbalance, over under voltage and others to fully protect the safe operation of the motor.

     It can be networked with all kinds of brand PLC such as SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER, GE, AB and so on. Besides, it can set up network with KINGVIEW, FIX, WinCC, Intouch and other software.

With separable and miniaturized Chinese LCD operation / display terminal, it can directly monitor the equipment running status and operating parameters, and modify the protection settings and parameters.

Technical Parameters Table

Working environment

     Normal temperature


     Limiting temperature


     Storage temperature


     Relative humidity


     Atmospheric pressure



Working power supply

     Voltage range

AC 220V

     Frequency Range


     Normal power consumption


     Input insurance


     Isolation voltage



AC current loop

     Rated current         

cable core

     Power consumption       


     Measurement range         

protection current 0~10In

     Measurement accuracy  

measurement of current level 1

Protection of current level 3

     Overload capability

2In of continuous work

10In of allowing to work 10s

     Isolation voltage



AC voltage circuit

     Rated voltage


     Power consumption


     Measurement range


     Measurement accuracy

     0.5 grade

    Overload capacity

     1.2Un of continuous work

    Isolation voltage



Digital input circuit

    Input mode

AC 220V input

    Power supply

Using an external power supply

    Isolation voltage


Product Installation

Disk fixing method

The installation of motor protection device is simple, easy to learn, while increasing the powerful function, quantity of the engineering is greatly reduced.

JZMB-6100 embedded installation

SCT Installation Size

SCT Installation Size

Construction Notes

Voltage Input

Input voltage should not be higher than the rated input voltage of the product 120% (100V or 380V), otherwise PT should be considered.


Install 1A fuse at the voltage input for easy disassemble.

Current Input

1, Choose different SCT according to the size of the motor rated current.

2, To ensure that the SCT output line yellow, green, red, black were connected to Ia, Ib, Ic, In of the main unit.

Install CT:


Pass the cable according to the direction indicated on the SCT.

Communication Wiring

The motor protection device provides serial asynchronous half-duplex RS-485 communication interface, adopted MODBUS-RTU protocol, a variety of data can be transmitted on the communication line. In one line, up to 128 lines monitoring and protection devices can be connected at the same time, each line protection and monitoring device can set up its communication address.

Product Parameter Settings

Rated Current

Motor rated current, according to ct ratio, input the secondary value, startup overtime. TE time protection logic is judged according to the rated current size and needs to be set up. E.g.: Motor 110KW, rated current 207A. Select SCT250, the ratio 50, the secondary rated current is 207/50= 4.14A, and the rated current is set to 4.1A.

Startup Time

The motor from start to normal working time, starting timeout protection needs to be judged according to this parameter. Set up according to the actual situation of the motor.

Startup Method

Motor startup mode can be set as direct startup, protection startup, etc., and setting according to the actual situation of the motor.

Remote Control

Start by remote 485 communication. When set to on, the motor can be started by 485 communication.

CT Ratio

Setting according to the actual configuration of CT or SCT.

Full Scale value

Analog output full-scale value, corresponding to 20mA.

Analog output

It can be set as voltage or current.

Communication address

RS-485 communications device sub-address.

Communication rate

RS-485 communication rate.

Trip Method

Trip output is pulse mode or level mode. When the pulse mode is used, the relay automatically returns after tripping. When in the level mode, the relay will be kept after tripping. JZMB-6100 value is 0 to express the pulse mode, and the value of 1 to represent the level mode.

Set Value Calculation and SCT selection

SCT Selection

SCT Mode

Motor Power

Parameter set CT ratio


Below 400A



Below 300A



Below 200A



Below 150A



Below 100A



Below 30A






Below 5A



1,Set value setting Explanation:

Example 1:

Motor 110kw, rated current Ie=207A, select SCT300, CT ratio 60

Short circuit protection  8Ie =1656A  

Converted to secondary 1656/60=27.6A,

In short circuit protection, set the short circuit current as 27.6A

Locked rotor protection   5Ie =1035A

Converted to secondary  1035/60=17.25A,

In locked rotor protection, set the locked rotor current as 17.3A (Note: Locked rotor protection in starting process of the motor is closed, open after starting, so in the process of starting will not cause locked rotor protection action.)

Inverse time overcurrent   startup current 1.1le=227.7A

Converted to secondary 227.7/60=3.795A

In the inverse time overcurrent, set the startup current as 3.8A.

The other protections are calculated in turn, and the primary setting value is calculated, the secondary setting value is calculated based on the CT ratio to be as input the protection setting value.

2, Motor Startup Time Setting

Please set the motor "start-up time” in the device's "parameter settings" and set the default 6S according to the actual condition of the motor.



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