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Dynamic Anti-harmonic Low-voltage Reactive Power Compensation Cabinet

2018-04-09 14:17

Product Overview

Dynamic anti-harmonic low-voltage reactive power compensation cabinet is assembled from anti-harmonic capacitors, anti-harmonic reactors, importedzero-crossing starting technology SCR (thyristor) integrated circuits and harmonic module combined by high breaking fuse. It has the function of restraining harmonics, realizing the conduction of voltage over zero, and removing the current at zero. To ensure that the input capacitor has no inrush current, and has three-phase and phase compensation function. The switching control response speed is fast and is applied to the situation where the perceptual load changes rapidly, such as rolling mills, cement plants, CNC machine tools.

Applicable Fields

Applicable to specific low-voltage reactive compensation cabinet for real estate, transportation, metallurgy & mining, manufacturing, education, new energy, hotels and chemical industry.

Model Description

Product Advantages

Design of enclosed isolation structure

The original closed structure was created and the national utility model patent was awarded. The electrified naked part is completely closed and escape from electric shock. It is safe and reliable, protection level is up to export standard.

Fuse protection

Use of fuses instead of traditional miniature circuit breakers, 6KA (ICU) →100KA (ICU) The change is not a number, but a concept.

Design of enclosed busbar structure

Adopt vertical transversal connection. Replace traditional wiring connection, and solve the winding problem of wire, the cabinet is concise and clear.

Modularized structure of anti-harmonic intelligent capacitor

Imported silicon controlled material, zero-crossing switching, closed-loop telephone, no energy consumption, and continuous operation time up to 100,000 hours, panel installation, quick and convenient. Components come from well-known brands at home and abroad, high quality is our highest commitment to our customers.

Accurate reactance rate pairing

It’s effective suppression of system harmonics and inrush current that field measurement and collection of harmonic content, professional analysis and calculation, matching of capacitive reactance. It improves electric environment and protection of electrical equipment.

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