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Overvoltage Suppression Cabinet (Polyethylene Cabinet) (JZYZ)

2018-03-14 14:59

Product Overview

The phenomenon of over-voltage is very common in 3-35KV power supply system. If there is no precautionary measures, the impact of over-voltage may occur at any time will make the system electrical equipment insulation aging intensified. On the other hand, the electrical equipment of the system occurred insulation breakdown and the failure rate is greatly increased. Abnormal overvoltage may be external, or it may be the internal self of device.

The invasive way of the external intrusion voltage can be transmitted through the conductor or circuit, or it can be penetrated by electrostatic induction and electromagnetic induction. Overvoltage may occur regular periodically, but more often randomly. Therefore, in most situations,, it is difficult to accurately grasp. Abnormal overvoltage, according to the different causes, can be divided into lightning overvoltage, operating overvoltage, ferroresonance overvoltage and arc grounding overvoltage.

In view of the current situation of over-voltage prevention in middle and low voltage system, our company has developed and manufactured the system of overvoltage suppression device (referred to as overvoltage suppressor, model JZYZ). The device can make up for the shortage of overvoltage protection components and devices in the system increases the overvoltage protection level of the system.


Product Features

This product design is according to the demands of user system, provides the comprehensive overvoltage protection plan. Therefore, users need to provide system structure and parameters when product designed.

♦The suppression device should be designed according to different system parameters.

♦Eliminate all kinds of over-voltage protection dead zone of system.

♦Large energy of absorption system over-voltage.

♦Instead of PT cabinet, with the fault in the system to judge alarm display, cost-effective.

♦When the single-phase grounding fault of the system is eliminated, it can effectively limit the impulse inrush through PT.

♦Protect PT and fuse.

♦The application scope of the device is wide, and the operation is convenient.

The main parts of the product

The design of this product is to provide a comprehensive overvoltage protection scheme according to the needs of the user system. Therefore, in product design, users need to provide system structure and parameters.




Product Parameters

Rated voltage (KV): 3, 610, 138, 20, 35

2ms square wave flow (A): (A):1600, 2400, 3200

Rated frequency (Hz): 50

Controller work power supply: DC220v±10%, AC220V or DC110V

Communication protocol: MODBUS

Communication interface: RS485, RS232

Usage environment: Altitude≤2000m, plateau type need special instructions. Ambient temperature:-25- +55, the average temperature within 24 hours does not exceed +35.

Anti-seismic capability: 8

Relative humidity≤90%

Pollution grade: Indoor class:, outdoor class:.

There must be no explosive mixtures of dust, gas, fume, etc. in the use environment.

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