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JDXH Arc Suppression, Harmonic Elimination, Line Selection and Over-voltage Prot

2018-03-29 18:03

Product Overview

Arc suppression, harmonic elimination, line selection and over-voltage protection device are applicable to 3-35kV three-phase non-directly grounding power system, which can be used to limit the overvoltage of various kinds of overvoltage, so as to improve the safety of power grid operation and power supply reliability.

The Scope of the Device

♦The device is suitable for 3~35kV medium voltage power system.

♦The device is suitable for power system with neutral point ungrounded, Neutral point grounded by arc suppression coil or neutral point grounded by high impedance.

♦The device is suitable for electric power network with main cable line, hybrid electric network of cable and overhead line, and power grid with overhead line.

The Basic Function of the Device

The fault phase can be directly grounded at about 30ms.

It can be effectively avoided short-circuit due to single-phase grounding and arrester explosion caused by arcing ground overvoltage.

If the metal grounding and it can greatly reduce the contact voltage and stride voltage, it is conducive to the protection of personal safety.

If it is used for overhead line-based power grid, the vacuum contactor will be opened after 5s of device action. If it is transient fault, the system will returns to normal. If it is permanent, the device will not open again after it is operated again.

When a PT disconnection fault occurs, the device outputs a contact signal so that the user can block the relay protection which may cause malfunction due to PT disconnection.

After device action, the panel displays the type of fault (PT disconnection, metal grounding or arc grounding) and phase, while outputs the passive switch signal.

The device is equipped with RS485 interface, which can carry out data remote transmission according to standard MODBUS protocol.

The device can limit the various overvoltage between the phase and phase and the phase and ground at about 3.5 times.

The voltage transformer in the device can provide voltage signal to the measuring meter and relay protection, which can replace the conventional PT cabinet.

The device has the function of accident recall and it can record 18 times the accident time and device action status.

Additional Function of the Device

The device can be configured according to user requirements for automatic line selection function. Our company developed a small current line selection device, which line selection mainly in accordance with line zero-sequence current amplitude value in the metal grounding and mainly based on line zero-sequence current mutation amount before and after the device action in the arc grounding, that overcome the problem for slow line selection and low accuracy in the metal grounding of the conventional election Line device.

The device can be configured according to user requirements for harmonic elimination.

The device can be configured with dedicated unsaturated voltage transformer developed by our company, not only fundamentally destroyed the conditions of Ferro resonance, while avoiding the accident of "burning PT" and "explosion insurance" caused by the overvoltage. We can also according to user requirements for selecting ordinary PT while configuring microcomputer harmonic elimination device to eliminate ferromagnetic resonance.


The main Components of the device and its function

The company's patented product "arc suppression, harmonic elimination, line selection and over-voltage protection device" (referred to as “JDXH”) is to quickly eliminate harm to electrical equipment of the neutral point non-directly

grounded system in the arc grounding and researched and developed the latest patented technology products. It mainly consists of the following parts (Please see schematic diagram 1)

Three-phase combined over-voltage protector JZGB

Split phase controlled high pressure vacuum fast contactor JZ-(A.B.C)

Controller ZK (including voltage signal converter)

High-voltage current limiting fuse FU


PT of voltage transformer with auxiliary secondary winding

Device Features

♦The device operates fast and can be operated at 30-40ms, which greatly shortens the duration of single phase grounding arc.

♦The arc can be extinguished immediately after the device operates, and the arc grounding overvoltage can be effectively restrained.

♦The capacitive current of 200A is allowed to continue for at least 2 hours after the device operates, and the user can complete the transfer load after the switching operation to deal with the fault line.

♦The protection function of the device is not affected by the scale and operation mode of the power grid.

♦The device has higher function price ratio.

♦The device utilizes the characteristic that the sudden change of the zero-sequence current of the fault line before and after arc extinguishing is maximum, which can greatly improve the accuracy of line selection.

Device Model and Main Technical Parameters

Model meaning


Unit's rated voltage: 6 10 35 (KV)

Device rated current: 50 63 80 100 125 160 200 250 315 (A)

Selection of Design Requirements

The rated voltage of the device corresponds to the operating voltage of the system.

The rated current of the device is not less than the maximum capacitance of the system to be protected



l. Voltage transformer

2. Microcomputer controller

3. AC vacuum contactor

4. Three-phase combined over-voltage protector

5. High-voltage isolating switch

6. High-voltage current limiting fuses FU

7. Zero-sequence CT and grounding ammeter

8. Conversion Switch

Structure, Shape and Installation

Structure shown in Figure 2

35kV cabinet reference size: 1818 × 2500 × 3000(mm) (W × D × H)

6-10kV cabinet reference size:

1000 ×1500 × 2200 (mm) (W× D × H) or 800 ×1500 × 2200 (mm), but also produce specially according to user requirements after consultation.

Environmental Conditions of Use

Altitude≤2000m, plateau type requires special instructions.

Ambient temperature: -25 - + 55, the average temperature does not exceed +35 in 24 hours.

Seismic capacity: 8

Relative humidity≤90%

Pollution level: Indoor, outdoor.

There shall be no explosive mixtures, such as dust, gas, flue gas, and other in the use of the environment.

Packaging, Transportation, Storage

It is usually packed in wooden cases, and cabinet base should be fixed on the bottom of the packing box.

It is not advisable to transport for long distances on the roads below the third grade. If necessary, it can be disassembled and packed, and important parts should not be transported by road as far as possible. Which should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse, not suitable for outdoor storage for a long time.

Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance

Our company is responsible for drawing design and parameter selection according to users' requirements. After the completion of the equipment assembled and tested, and tested qualified by professionals then leave the factory. If the user needs, we can be responsible for on-site installation guidance and commissioning services, but the user should provide the necessary cooperation and assistance. Equipment does not need normal maintenance and overhaul work, only after the action of the device, check whether the fuse bar is pop-up. From the date of installation and use of 12 months, or from the date of delivery 18 months deadline, users comply with the custody and using rules, the product being damaged and cannot work normally because of quality problems, manufacturer free for users to replace or repair.

The company maintains a lifetime maintenance of the equipment and provides spare parts at a favorable price for a long time.

Ordering Instructions

1) User shall provide the system rated voltage and system maximum single phase to grounding capacitive current as the design basis of "JZXH".

2) The size of the cabinet, designed by our engineers and confirmed by the user's signature before the final determination.

3) The user should specify the function of the device (including the basic functions and optional functions), if there are any special requirements should be made when ordering.

4) Other accessories or spare parts are required, names, specifications and quantities should be marked when ordering. 




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