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High-voltage On-Line Insulation Monitoring Device (JZJY)

2018-03-29 15:51

Product Overview

JZJY high-voltage on-line insulation monitoring device is a device that can on-line monitoring high-voltage power cables and insulator insulation status, which is used for diagnostic cable and insulator early defects and accidents hidden danger, control sudden insulation accident, monitoring electrical equipment insulation property good or bad provides effective information, and directly affect the safe and reliable operation of equipment. The device is easy to install, simple to operate, strong in real-time and accurate in monitoring information, and is widely used in 0.4kV~35kV power System.

The device is controlled by a high-performance microprocessor, and LCD display shows the current operating state of the system. When diagnosing the operation equipment failure, the indicator light and alarm relay action, so that equipment maintenance personnel to keep abreast of the cable line and insulator line insulation status. Moreover, the device also has RS485 communication interface to facilitate communication with the host computer.

Technical Parameters

Working power supply: 85~264VAC,120~370VDC

Insulation properties: Between shell and terminal100MΩ 

Shell Protection: IP43

Operating temperature: -20~65

Working Humidity: ≤95%RH

Applicable voltage rating: 0.4~35KV

Current signal: Ix or In=70μA~700mA

Voltage signal: Un=3V~300V

Dielectric loss: tanδ=500%~500%

Capacitance: Cx=10pF~0. 3μF

Capacitance ratio: Cx:Cn=1:1000~1000:1

Resistive current: Irp=10μA~10mA

Capacitive current: lcp=100μA~300mA

Phase: α=-180°~180°

Frequency: f=45Hz~55Hz

Leakage current measurement range: 50μA~700mA

Product figure shape and the size of holes

Package, transportation and storage

Comply with the standards of attention GB191 regulations:

Generally use carton package, and the package should be complete and reliable, and it is waterproof and dustproof.

It is not advisable to transport long distance on highways below three levels, where necessary, important components are minimized by road transport.

Storage in a dry and ventilated warehouse when it is not use for a long time.

Installation, debugging and maintenance

If the user needs, the company can be responsible for on-site installation guidance and commissioning services, Users need to provide the necessary cooperation and assistance.

In compliance with the rules of custody and use, within 12 months from the date of shipment, the product is not human reason and cannot work normally, the manufacturer is free to replace and repair for the user.

Ordering instruction

The exact model of product or the function should be provided when ordering, and written instruction also need when necessary, special requirement should be put forward at the time of order.

If additional accessories or spare parts are required outside the device, the name and quantity should be indicated when ordering.

Please specify the receiving unit, zip code, address in detail when ordering.

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