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JZDH Electric Arc Integrated Security Protection Device

2018-04-09 17:20

Product Overview

In the modern power supply system, due to the complexity of the system, the diversity of the power supply makes the system prone to electric arc light. Because of the judgments of the protection device and action time is relatively long, so system damage often occurs, causing large-scale power outages, while the recovery of electricity system for a long time, resulting in huge losses. In view of the above problems, our company comprehensively build a smart arc integrated safety protection device. This device is a very effective protection security expert. Arc hazard as follows:

The harm of arc light to human


Invasion of muscles, nerves


   Hard light

Stabbing the eyes (Electric arc light intensity about 9000lux, while the human eye felt the maximum light intensity of about 3000lux)

   High Temperature

Burn the skin

   Burst pressure

Causing Crashes and debris flying


Damage to eardrum, lung


Harm the respiratory system

The harm of arc light to equipment




   High Temperature

The temperature at which the arc occurs is 19, 427 / ° C, twice of the sun's surface

Causing copper, aluminum melt meltdown, gasification

Cause the cable meltdown, cable cover fire

Resulting in defaced disk body, protective paint burned, cleaning difficulties

High-temperature, high-pressure gas spreads very quickly to adjacent plates



   Burst pressure

Cause the disk deformation, broken

When copper is vented, the volume expands 6 7,000 times

The air expands because of high temperature, and the pressure is 120kPa (the human body can withstand the maximum pressure of 7. 5kPa)


Caused by the strong vibration disk, the fixed components loose

Product Applicable Scope

Electric arc integrated safety protection device is suitable for 110V~110KV power system of power generation, substation and power enterprise. Its main application areas:

Protection of medium and low voltage bus bar in switchgear

Box-type substation protection

Wind generator protection

Rectifier cabinet protection

Cable connector and bus bar connector protection

Product Principle and Composition

Electric arc integrated safety protection device is a high-tech product through the detection of arc sensors and current signals accurately determine whether the arc occurred and action less than 1ms. It consists of high-speed arc protection module and sensor.

High-speed arc protection module supports spot sensor and optical fiber sensor technology, a high-speed arc protection module can support 24 sensors, and the 24 sensors can be assembled according to field requirements.

High-speed arc protection module built-in over-current protection module, while monitoring A, B, C three-phase current, it can determine whether the line be short circuit and overcurrent within 2mS.

Product Features  

High reliability and security

♦Using the double principle of arc detection and overcurrent, it provides highly reliable and safe operation performance.

♦The continuous and comprehensive self-test of the whole system adequately guarantees the security of the system operation.

Ultra-high speed motion performance
Arc signal issued less than 1ms. Table 1 is the comparison between electric arc light protector and power protection device.


Electric Arc Light           Ordinary O/C relay


         Less than 1ms                  20ms


Do without                     2ms


At any moment                   2ms

   Output relay

         Less than 1ms                  6-10ms


           Do without                    10ms


Less than 2ms                  40-44ms

Product Self-test Function

The arc spot probe has a light running indicator that shows whether the sensor works well.

Terminal Diagram

 Product Appearance and Hole Size Diagram

Ordering Instruction

●When ordering, it is necessary to provide the exact model of the product or the function to be achieved, and if necessary, a description of the text, the user has special requirements should be made when ordering.

●It is necessary to add other accessories or spare parts outside the unit, and the name and quantity should be specified when ordering.

●When ordering, please specify the receiving unit, the postcode and the detailed address.


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