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Microcomputer Intelligent Secondary Harmonic Elimination Device (JZWX)

2018-03-30 13:28

Product Overview

JZWX series of intelligent microcomputer secondary harmonic elimination device is suitable for voltage 380V, 3kV, 6kV, 10kV, 35kV and 66kV neutral point ungrounded or by arc-suppression coil grounding small current power supply system. When the above system occurs ferromagnetic resonance, the product can eliminate and record the system resonance by the user's setting of the root play.

Note: The device can only eliminate the nonlinear ferromagnetic resonance fault, the continuous existence of a system caused by PT over-voltage cannot be eliminated.

Performance Index

♦Adaptive resonant frequency:

17Hz, 25Hz, 50Hz, 150Hz etc.,

♦Judgment time: 1~5ms

♦Harmonic elimination time: 10~80ms

♦Sample interval: 0.08ms

♦Power supply: DC/AC 220V, 50Hz

Product Features

♦The device uses 32-bit high-performance microprocessor and dual "watchdog" circuit, it has strong anti-interference, self-checking and self-recovery ability.

♦Accurately judge the resonance, grounding, overvoltage, undervoltage and PT break, when the fault occurs, with a constant opening point output.

♦Device has a warning when power off.

♦When resonance occurs, the clock and the voltage are displayed.

♦Large LCD Chinese display, intuitive, simple and easy to operate.

♦With 80 fault information storage capability, not lost after power off.

♦ Suitable for various voltage grade PT, strong anti-interference ability.

Demonstration of the type

Conditions of Using

♦Ambient temperature: -10~50 (wide temperature type: -20~70)

♦Atmospheric pressure: 80~110KPa

♦Air relative Humidity: 90% (25), 50% (40)

♦The use of the environment shall not contain explosive, corrosive, damaged insulating media or gas.

♦Installation site with wind, rain, sand, dust-proof facilities.

Characteristic of the harmonic elimination device

After detecting the system to produce a set frequency overvoltage, the device performs the action of eliminating the overvoltage, If the resonance disappears, the device records the resonance number. If the device moves, the overvoltage still exists, to protect the PT system from the continuous operation of the device, the device no longer performs the elimination action, to display and issue an alarm signal instead. Ask users to check and confirm the cause of overvoltage as soon as possible, troubleshooting and not expanding it.

Terminal figure

Ordering instruction

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