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Microcomputer Intelligent Small Current Grounding Line Selection Device (JZXDL S

2018-03-14 15:33


Product Introduction

JZXDL series intelligent microcomputer small current grounding line selection device is our latest development of a new small current system grounding line selection device. It is suitable for neutral point ungrounded or arc-suppression coil and resistance grounding system, which can quickly and accurately find out the system single-phase grounding line.

The device can remember the instantaneous grounding information, can distinguish between busbar grounding and outlet grounding, and also can configure communication interface to transmit various fault information to relevant departments, which provides great convenience for the field operators.

Applicable Fields

♦Neutral Point ungrounded small current system

♦A small current system grounded by resistance or arc-suppression coil.

♦The number of bus segments ≤3, and total number of outlet loops ≤48.

♦Voltage class: 380V~66kV

♦Widely used in power system substations, power plants and coal, steel, metallurgy, chemical, other large factories and mines enterprises power system.

Product Features

♦Improve the accuracy of arc-suppression coil grounding system selection line.

♦With alarm and remote transmission function, suitable for remote monitoring.

♦the number of routes up to 48 road

♦High accuracy of false grounding line selection

♦Touch Han-Xian, easy to operate

Technical Parameters

♦Maximum bus number: 3

♦The number of outlet: ≤48

♦Starting voltage: 6V~200V          

♦Minimum once-resolved current: 10mA

♦Grounding current measurement accuracy: Display value ±5%

♦Working power supply: AC or DC 220v±10%40VA, (other requirements can be customized).

♦The use of the environment shall not contain explosive, corrosive, damaged insulating media or gas.

♦Installation site with wind, rain, sand, dust-proof facilities.                        

The working principle of an overview

According to principle of electrical system, when single-phase grounding fault in low-current grounding system:

1. System zero-sequence voltage rise, usually zero sequence voltage is close to zero, zero-sequence voltage will be generated after grounding, and numerically voltage is equal or lesser than phase voltage.

2. The zero-sequence current of the ungrounded line is its own capacitance current value, phase leading zero sequence voltage near 90 degrees.

3. Zero-sequence current of ground line is maximum, which is the sum of zero sequence currents for all ungrounded lines, phase lag zero sequence voltage near 90 degrees.

4. No arc suppression coil for the 5th harmonic of fundamental wave, the above three points are established. Arc suppression coil system for 5th harmonic.

5. The above 4 points are not affected by operation mode, load change and grounding resistance.

6. The arc-suppression coil system is compensated for the fundamental wave, the proportion of the fifth harmonic is much larger than that of the non-ground line.

7. Maximum active component of Zero sequence current in grounding Circuit.

According to the above seven points, the device is started by zero sequence voltage, acquisition of zero sequence current of each line by CPU, to analyze and compare, multiple criteria of current amplitude, Phase and Harmonic content to determine ground wiring.

Model description and related technical parameters

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