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Wireless Temperature Measuring Device (JZCW)

2018-03-14 15:30

Product introduction                                                                                                                                         

High-voltage power supply equipment due to the existence of some defects will lead to abnormal temperature rise of equipment components, resulting in high temperature and lead to a vicious circle of contact resistance , it will eventually cause the equipment to does not work properly, or even burn, overheating may cause burning, explosion or even equipment damage or quality accidents. High-voltage electrical equipment, due to the limited means of fault testing, especially in the switchgear and closed bus temperature limit point is more difficult to be found. With the increase of temperature, the temperature exceeding the limit will increase the degree of oxidation due to heat, which may result in the burnt bus, contacts and other failures.

By monitoring the operation of busbar contact, high voltage cable connector and high voltage switch contact temperature, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of high-voltage transmission and substation malfunction and provide effective guarantee for safe production.

Therefore, taking effective measures to monitor the contact temperature of high voltage bus and high voltage switch, including the key parts of other high-voltage power supply equipment, which is an urgent issue that needs to be solved in power system. The use of wireless temperature monitoring devices for high-voltage equipment real-time on-line temperature monitoring is the most effective and easy to find safety hidden dangers of the most efficient and easiest way.

Functional Features

♦Accurate temperature measurement, easy installation, reliability and the installation does not damage the switch cabinet structure.

♦Display powerful, with large screen color display, can display up to 1000 nodes of the wireless temperature value.

♦With a powerful networking capabilities, all data can be real-time and background communications.

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