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JZ-2000A On-Line Power Quality Monitoring Device

2018-01-08 16:29

Technical Parameters

♦Measurement signal: PT-secondary voltage and CT-secondary current

♦Measuring range: Voltage 5774/100V, Current 5A

♦Converter: 16bitA/D

♦Sampling frequency:

256 points / channel * cycle

♦Measurement Accuracy: Fundamental voltage,

current measurement accuracy 02 level

♦Voltage flicker: 2%

♦Three-phase voltage unbalanced degree: 02%                        

♦Three-phase current unbalanced degree: 02%                                                                              

♦Voltage deviation accuracy: 0.2%                                                  

♦Frequency measurement accuracy: 0.002H7                                                                                

♦Negative sequence current accuracy: 0.2%                                                                                

♦Voltage fluctuation accuracy: 0.5%                                              

♦Voltage total harmonic distortion rate: 0.2%  

♦Power supply: AC / DC220V / 20% (AC and DC, power consumption: 4W)                                                                                                               

♦Storage capacity: CF card 16G                                                                                

♦Communication mode: Local IOM / IOO / M adaptive   

♦Chassis dimensions standard 4U

♦Application analysis software: 2000, XP operating system

Installation and Hole Size Diagram



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