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Three-phase Programmable Digital Voltmeter JZ194U-9K4

2018-03-29 16:20

K series programmable digital display meter is a new generation product that can replace the original digital display meter directly. In addition to the normal measurement and display, the product also has the following functions and features:

1. Display frequency, communication address, baud rate and other buttons through the panel operation can be set at any time, and for a very flexible and convenient.
2. The measured value of the transmitting output can be selected, the output is 4~20mA, 0~5V, 4~12~20mA and other analog optional (K3, K4, K5, K6 both can be transmitting output).
3. RS-485 digital interface can be selected, using the standard MODBUS protocol, can be connected to 128 different meters, the transmission distance of 1.2km.
Wide range of application, high combination function: In addition to the three-phase power meter can directly measure the display power, but also through the keyboard to switch the measurement shows A, C phase voltage, RMS current, frequency and other electrical parameters, digital zero calibration, adjustment, high precision, cost-effective.
Main Performance
Display digit: 4,    display range: 0.000-9999
Accuracy level: 0.5, 0.2level.
Polarity signal: positive value is displayed without sign, negative value is displayed as “-”.
Overload capacity: continuous: 1.2 times, instantaneous: current 10 times/5s, voltage 2 times/1s.
Main parameter
Nominal input: AC current: IA, 5A; AC voltage: 100V, 220V, 380V.
DC current: 4~20mA;            DC voltage: 75mV~750V.
Transmitting output: DC 4~20mA, DC 0~5V (extended function).
RS485 communication interface, the application of
Modbus communication protocol (extended function).
Two way relay outputs (extended function).
Input Impedance: Current Input Impedance≤1Ω,
Voltage Input Impedance≥10mΩ.
Power Supply: AC / DC 80~280.
Power consumption: ≤2VA.
Insulation strength: 2kV/1min.
Insulation resistance: ≥100mΩ.

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