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JZ-LXQ Primary Harmonic Elimination Device

2018-03-29 16:12

Product Overview

Neutral point of JZ-LXQ type 6~35kV voltage transformer with non-linear resistor harmonic elimination damper (referred to as harmonic eliminator) is installed in 6~35kV voltage transformer (hereinafter referred to as the voltage change or PT) primary winding Y. A non-linear resistor harmonic damping device between the neutral point of the connection and grounding. Harmonic elimination uses excellent electrical properties, ultrafine particles of SiC as the substrate, the large tonnage of the press into high-density rectangular or round cake-shaped body, in reducing atmosphere, which is sintered by thousands of degrees of high temperature. The surface structure of the exposed resistor is specially treated to withstand the sun and rain, and can be directly used in indoor and outdoor. Its small size, light weight, fast heat dissipation, high strength, easy to install, is favored by users.

Demonstration of the type

Applicable Conditions

1. Suitable for indoor and outdoor

2. Ambient temperature: -40~ +60

3. System frequency: 50Hz~60Hz

4. Altitude not more than 3000m

5. Earthquake crack level8

6. No serious pollution in the atmosphere and erosive media sites

7. Connected in series between the ground and the central point of the PT- secondary winding of the AC 6-35KV non-effective grounding systemWhen multiple voltage transformers are connected in a systemOne harmonic elimination device shall be installed at the neutral point of three - phase high - voltage winding resistance of each mutual inductorIn order to limit arc grounding overvoltage and eliminate ferroresonance effectively.

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