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JZDY- JA Flash Counter

2018-04-24 09:58


Lightning counter is suitable for lightning discharge current count of various lightning protection devices. The number of counts is double digits, extending the function of only one bit count in the past, up to 99 times. Lightning counter is installed in the lightning protection module that needs to release lightning current, such as surge protector, on the ground line, the starting technical current is 1KA (8/20us). The max current is 150 KA(8/20us). Lightning counter has a power supply to protect the data for up to 1 month. Lightning counter equipped with current transformer. When installed and used, the current transformer core is inserted into the PE line of the surge protector. The secondary coil of the transformer is introduced into the 5, 6 connection of the lightning counter and firmly connected. When a surge occurs, the surge protector releases the lightning into the ground, and the transformer induces the lightning current, which is coupled to the counter after sampling, after the counter processes the lightning signal through the internal integrated circuit, the number of lightning discharge current can be displayed by pressing the display switch on the LED digital tube. The lightning current counter has six connecting posts and two terminals connected to the N, L line to supply the counter with charging power. Middle 3, 4 two connection posts, short-to-end class to achieve zero counter. Two wires of 5,6 that introduce the coil of a current transformer.


Technical parameter


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DC6500V                              AC6500V



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