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JZDY-B Series Surge Protector

2018-04-24 09:54

Range of use

JZDY-B Series surge Protector is suitable for AC 50-60HZ, 380V and below TT,  TN and other power supply systems, it is widely used in the protection of over-voltage of two-stage power supply and generally installed in low voltage main switchgear or low voltage main switchgear, etc., on incoming lines of buildings, etc.


Application of 3+N-PE mode in TT system

In China's Urban and Rural Power Grid of TT Power supply system, the three-phase four-wire system is used, that is, L1/ L2/ L3/ N line, the protective grounding PE wire was grounded near the shell of the protected equipment and was not systematically grounded. Using 3N-PE mode, that is the series use of the varistor module and the discharge gap form the L-N, N-PE protection mode, it can solve the above situation. Lightning current can be discharged through zero line to form differential mode protection. After module deterioration, the front end fuse disconnects, it does not cause the pressure sensitive module to burn on fire.

Characteristic of the Kevin connection

Kevin connection is a commonly used connection method in the installation and use of surge protector. The application of this connection mode can effectively reduce the residual suppression after the surge of the protective device occurs, make it match the voltage protection level up of the protector, and achieve the best protection effect. Therefore, this kind of wiring is recommended in IEC60364.

Product wiring diagram


Installation notes

The JZDY series protectors are installed in parallel at the front end of the protected equipment, the connecting wire shall be of the same capacity as the power line or larger than the power line, the total length of which shall be controlled within 0.5 m, and the wire shall be short and straight.

There should be a corresponding air switch or fuse in series at the front of the protector. The power supply must be disconnected during installation. Fault diagnosis of protector:

1, The indicator window of the module is green (normal), when the module deterioration automatically turns red (deterioration) and it need to be replaced in time.

2, There is a remote alarm contact on the base. The switch is always on and off. The working condition is opposite when the fault occurs.

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