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Compound switch

2018-03-14 14:31

Product Overview

Intelligent low voltage compound switch is the switching switch of capacitor in the latest generation of low voltage reactive power compensator. It is a kind of intelligent environmental protection and energy saving control executive part. Our company researched and developed the latest scientific and technological achievements that aims at silicon controlled and AC contactors in the low voltage reactive power compensation in the first world shortage and elaborate.

Applicable Fields

Applicable to specific low-voltage reactive compensation cabinet for real estate, transportation, metallurgy & mining, manufacturing, education, new energy, hotels and chemical industry.

Product Advantages

♦The compound switch is connected by thyristor and magnetic hold relay, realization of voltage zero-crossing and current zero-crossing. The compound switch has the advantage of ZCS switching on and off at the moment of switch on and off, the effect of no inrush current and no harmonic injection can be achieved.

♦Micro-electronic hardware and software control and intelligent control of silicon controlled, operation of relays and input power and loads, so it has perfect protection function. The intelligent control technology with traps and the latest electronic components. Compared with similar products, high performance advantage in inrush current and safety reliability.

♦Photoelectric isolation of input signal and compound switch: Strong anti-interference ability, safe and reliable work.

♦Low power consumption: Due to the use of magnetic retention relays, the control device only consumes electricity at the moment of switching, no electricity is consumed at ordinary times. Due to low contact resistance of magnetic hold relay, and thus it doesn’t heat, so the cost is reduced without adding heat sink or fan. It completely avoids SCR burning, it does not cause harm to other electrical appliances running on the same machine at the same time, which really achieves the purpose of saving energy and reducing consumption.

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