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Intelligent low voltage reactive power compensation module M1

2018-04-09 17:15

Product Overview

Intelligent anti-harmonic low-voltage reactive power compensation module with (  model) and (Y model) low-voltage power capacitor as the main body, adopts microelectronic soft and hard technology, the latest research achievements of micro-network technology and electric appliance manufacturing technology. It is intelligentialize and realizes reactive power compensation. It is safe and reliable.

Products instead of conventional reactive power compensation controller, fuse, circuit breaker, compound switch, capacitance and other combination mode, adopting modular installation, saving the inner and outer volume of cabinet to a greater extent. It is a major breakthrough in the reactive power compensation industry. Products with intelligent monitoring, zero-crossing cutting, accurate compensation and other high-tech functions. It is suitable for all kinds of switchgear manufacturers to produce reactive compensation capacitor cabinet.

Applicable Fields

Applicable to specific low-voltage reactive compensation cabinet for real estate, transportation, metallurgy & mining, manufacturing, education, new energy, hotels and chemical industry.

Product Advantages

♦Gather the power electronics, modern monitoring, network communication, power capacitor technology.

♦Application of compound switch technology for switching, thyristor triggered photoelectric isolation. Zero switching, no inrush in the switching process. Switching life more than 300,000 times.

♦The network data line is used between the modules, and the connection is plugged out, which is convenient and reliable.

♦Communicate with intelligent controller upload running state, running electrical parameters and fault contents on the supporting products of reactive power compensation. It has high security and effective guarantee.

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