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Dynamic anti-harmonic low voltage reactive power compensation module

2018-04-09 17:14

Product overview

The dynamic anti-harmonic reactive power compensation module consists of anti-harmonic capacitor, anti-harmonic reactor, imported zero-crossing trigger thyristor module, a special trigger circuit and a higher-breaking capacity fuse. It has the function of suppressing harmonic filtering, when the current is zero-zero, the voltage is zero-zero, so as to ensure no inrush current.

Applicable Fields

Applicable to specific low-voltage reactive compensation cabinet for real estate, transportation, metallurgy & mining, manufacturing, education, new energy, hotels and chemical industry.

Product Advantages

♦Enclosed module box structure: the product is standardized and modularized, replaces the traditional dispersion reactive power compensation device, integrates the products into a whole, and it is small. The heat is small, group screen installation convenient and quickly. Live exposed partial closure, it’s safe and reliable.

♦It proposes that fuse instead of traditional miniature circuit breaker, improves the breaking ability of products, multiple protective function, fully perfect the mechanism of capacitor protection.

♦Wire connection is simple, Multiple capacitor panel mounting, production load is less 80% than the traditional way, quick installation on the spot, and promote production efficiency greatly.

♦Network communication, remote controlled, using RS-485 to communicate message, with a simple interpersonal interface, manual switching and parameter setting of capacitors can be carried out quickly.

♦Imported high-power silicon controlled module, special photoelectric isolation trigger circuit, 100% guaranteed no inrush current, no overvoltage removed. Adopting temperature control technology to guarantee that the temperature of silicon controlled exceeds the standard, and the switching automatic exit.

♦Capacitor and reactor match precisely, independent of each  other. It’s effectively suppress high-order harmonics, protect circuit and capacitor, the capacitor of each phase can be switched on and off separately by common/partial compensation, solving three-phrase unbalanced and ensuring voltage stability.

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