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HY Series Metal Oxide Arrester

2018-04-24 10:42

Instruction Performance

Metal oxide arresters is the most advanced type of overvoltage protector and the basis for insulation matching of power equipment. It has the advantages of fast response, flat volt-ampere characteristics, low residual voltage, high through-flow capacity, stable performance, long service life and simple structure Etc. Widely used in power generation, transmission, substation distribution system, so that the insulation of electrical equipment from over-voltage damage.

Our company specializes in producing various kinds of porcelain housed and polymeric housed metal oxide surge arrester with various specifications and models of 0.22-220kV.The technical specifications accord with the national standard GB1103 2000" Metal Oxide Arrester of AC Seamless ". The product of reasonable design, novel structure, excellent performance and complete varieties, but also according to user requirements to produce special arrester.

Product Features

The polymeric housed arrester adopts two times close cut and one time molding and the sealing performance is good. Polymeric housed arrester not only has the advantages of porcelain housed metal oxide arrester, but also has good electrical insulation properties, high dielectric strength, anti-leakage marks, anti-electric corrosion and heat resistance, cold resistance, anti-aging, explosion-proof and good chemical stability, water repellency and sealing.

Products in strict accordance with the relevant international standards.

Design and manufacture of special specifications of the arrester according to user's requirements.

Demonstration of the Type

Model example: HY5WZ-51/134, the nominal discharge current of 5KA,

Arrester rated voltage 51 KV, Nominal discharge current is residual voltage.


Product Structure

Arrester is composed of the base component insulation base and the wiring board, etc. The inner part of the product adopts zinc oxide nonlinear resistor as the main component. The main components of the arrester are sealed. When the product is out of the factory, it is used to inspect with the hydrogen mass spectrometer leak detector one by one. Arrester with a pressure released device, when the product is under abnormal conditions that the internal pressure increases, timely release of the internal pressure to avoid the explosion of porcelain.

Service Conditions

●Applicable to the door inside and outside. the ambient temperature is not higher than +40 , not lower than -40

●Ordinary altitude of not more than 2000m.

●Plateau altitude of not more than 4000m.

●The system's rated frequency: 48-62Hz.

●Power frequency voltage applied between the two ends of the arrester do not exceed continuous operating voltage of the arrester.

●Earthquake cracking degree: 7degrees below.

●Maximum wind speed: Not more than 35m/s.

Model of Arrester and Parameter Table

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